Essence of Life was established in 1998, with the main goal of introducing healthier and organic food options to our community.  Since then, we've continued to provide accessibility and affordability so that everyone in our community can choose better food options.  



humble beginnings

Jean and Frank Lu immigrated to Canada with a strong work ethic and big aspirations.  A former midwife and health nut, Jean pursued her dream of opening up a health food store.   It was the perfect marriage of business and passion, as Frank was formerly an importer and exporter by trade.  The original Essence of Life store was a small 700 sq ft space, run entirely by the Lu family.  In the early 2000's, an opportunity arose to move to a larger location, and since then, the 4500 sq ft store has thrived with a dedicated team of 18.  



our community

Essence of Life is located in the vibrant and diverse neighborhood of Kensington Market.  Known as one of Toronto's most unique communities, this historic market sees locals and tourists alike, flocking to peruse the independently owned shops and stores.  Our neighbors consist of vintage clothing stores, cheese shops, adorable coffee shops, bakeries, and natural butcher shops.  


50 Kensington Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2G1



MONDAY TO FRIDAY   10 to 7:30

SATURDAY     9:30 to 7:30 

SUNDAY     11 to 6:30


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416 506 0345


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